The JMC creations are available according to your wishes…

20 November, 2017

The JMC creations are available according to your wishes…

The JMC Nomade and JMC Acoustic Docking Station can be personalised

Did you know that the JMC Nomade, the transportable Bluetooth loudspeaker, and the JMC Acoustic Docking Station, the acoustic wooden base that harmonizes the sound coming from a smartphone, can be personalized? Don’t hesitate to ask for your favourite colour or to have your personal message printed on 350-years old wood full of life and vibration… for a warm and more present sound which is typical for musical instruments.

All information concerning the JMC Nomade
All information concerning the JMC Acoustic Docking Station
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‘The JMC Soundboard is a true musical instrument in my living room!’
Sol Gabetta, Cellist

The story of Sol Gabetta and JMC Lutherie started in Gstaad, Switzerland, some years ago, when the famous cellist discovered how the JMC Soundboard transforms sound into music. And she loves that philosophy. ‘You can’t get closer to a real concert experience than having music played on the JMC Soundboard’, or ‘Listening to the JMC Soundboard playing my favourite music is a very emotional experience.’

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Book us for a private ‘Sound Tasting’ or for a ‘Discovery Day’

You can choose according to your own wishes; a conference at a locations chosen by yourself, at our showroom or even at our workshop with a visit into the Risoud Forest. And why not for your company’s party? A ‘Sound Tasting’ isn’t just a sound show. The audience is invited to experience an emotional and musical journey and will get a true feeling how sound transforms into music.
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